PINC - Inspiring style trends, one pinc at a time. Get paid for sharing your social content!


Get paid for sharing your social content!

The more you post, tag products, comment, like and share your content the more you earn!


Creators will be able to gain income from the content they create and interactions they make.


Brand owners will be able to increase audience reach and generate sales conversions using the means of the traditional concept of word of mouth marketing but done digitally.


We make it easier for our shoppers to get inspired and shop for products and services of their interest.


We empower analysts (brand owners, marketers, etc) with facts and figures to generate more accurate reports and optimise their marketing efforts.

how it works

Simple and intuitive.


Snap a picture and upload it.


Search and choose from the vast list of products and "pinc" (tag) it to make it shoppable!


Write a short description and tag your friends in your post. Remember to #hashtag!


Get paid for sharing your social content and interacting!

post + tag = + points = cash


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november 2018

who we are

The awesome team behind the platform.

we are pinc

The next generation of social media that aims to build a digital clique of users focused on the latest trends, constantly bringing the styles that reflects the newest looks.

We help existing brands to gain more insights on what people are actually wearing nowadays that they can bring in inventory that will sell better. Incentivising our clique of users with PINC points, enabling them to focus on the content creation aspect.

Sonja Kurjacki

Sonja Kurjacki

Thank you. I like your platform and I think it’s easy to use. I register my account and I am starting to use it. Sincerly Sonja.

Karin Goh, 21

Karin Goh

Hi, so I've managed to see your webpage, it is really interesting to
actually know that there's such a platform out there for consumers to
keep up to trend.

Penny Salter

First time I used you and I don't know that you could improve on the features and user friendly experienced.
Looking forward to making another trends suggestion soon :)


Nothing to improve. Most tailored experience Ive had on the web.
Love your site, love the little tags to show where to shop, love the service and love the clothing.
Thanks all round for a great experience.